SErvices Offered:




Psychiatric Assessment/Consultation: 

A 45 minute evaluation of your past and present psychiatric and psychological symptoms. This appointment allows me to determine how I may be of service. Includes diagnostic assessment, review of prior psychiatric interventions, and development of a treatment plan or referral to another mental health provider if more appropriate to your clinical needs.



A 15 minute appointment scheduled to assess progress on medication treatment, and refill prescriptions or change current treatment plans. Can include rating scales, lab review, monitoring of vital signs, and review of any recent stressors or setbacks.



A 30 minute appointment scheduled for complex cases involving more detailed analysis, or incorporating some psychotherapy. Also used when parents are interested in providing or receiving additional information regarding a patient’s treatment.


Individual Psychotherapy: 

A 45 minute appointment whose aim is to help with insight, problem solving skills, and interpersonal growth. Medication monitoring and changes are incorporated into these therapy sessions.